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Serving the Custom and Classic Car Community for 45 Years!!!

After a devastating race car accident, Tom Van Poppel and his wife Jeanne, took the difficult step of starting a business so Tom could stay involved in the hobby and culture that he loved. With the help of his friend Jim Bunty, from JB's Machine, he began selling parts out of the corner of Jim's shop. After a few months, he had overgrown that location and moved out to his own location. Now 45 years later, in our 4th location, the business has expanded to an 8000 square foot facility offering a aftermarket performance and custom parts department as well as a top of the line custom shop. Now run by Tom and Jeanne's children, Lisa and Brian, we specialize in classics, custom, muscle cars, and race cars. Our vision is "Your Passion is Our Priority". We do not work on your everyday driver but specialize in the car that is your "baby" and we look forward to making it everything that you see in your "dreams". Whether it is the parts you need to do the job yourself, or you want us to do the job for you, we are here to purchase the products, for advice, and for the service. We love the car culture and want to see it grow. 

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